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The “BAB & …” Event Series

One of the projects we’ve been most excited about this year is our “BAB & …” event series✨ Just in case you missed it, we’ve hosted three events this year… and we have so many more in the works that we can’t wait to share with you!🙊

What is the “BAB & …” Event Series?
Remember that blog post we wrote, where we talked about how much we love that bridal is an industry which touches everyone!? … Yeah, this one😉 Well, this event series is all about celebrating just that – the bridal community! We launched this series as a chance to bring anyone (and everyone!) involved in the industry together to connect, network, learn, and share! 

Each event, we invite a special BAB guest to host a mini-workshop-style opportunity for others to learn about their involvement in the industry. Bonus – we provide complimentary snacks and drinks (extra cava for me, please!)🍾

We are so proud of the hard work our team and partners have already put into making these events truly magical. They have been a huge success and given the opportunity for makeup artists, photographers, caterers, brides, videographers, designers, writers… (okay, the list goes ON! We know a lot of very talented people!!) to meet one another, collaborate on special projects, or find new work opportunities (we have literally had some people get hired for jobs at our events!!)!

What Events Has BAB Already Hosted?

Event I: BAB & Birthday
Date: February 23, 2023
Hands up if you think gathering all your favorite people in one room to pop cava, share delicious vegan treats, and take pictures in stunning designer dresses sounds like the best way to celebrate your birthday… 🙋🏽‍♀️ (all your hands should be up)… we agree! BAB & Birthday was the perfect opportunity to launch our event series, thank everyone in our community for the never-ending support of the BAB journey, and share some insider-details on what we had in store for the next year of BAB!
Behind the scenes seak peak can be found on our TikTok!

Event II: BAB & Botox
Date: March 10, 2023
True to our mission, we always want to try to cater to the #ModernBride … which means we want to start the conversations that we’re all thinking about, but maybe not talking about! That’s what made this event with Dr. Sahara Benere (ig: @dra.saharabenere) so special💖 We learned all about Aesthetic Medicine and how to be skincare ready for your wedding day… a pretty important topic, if you ask us!

Event III: BAB & Video
Date: June 29, 2023
Anyone who attended this event can definitely attest to the statement that this one was SO much fun! We hosted our amazing friends at For Wedding Sakes ( who taught us all about how to capture beautiful videos (yes – only using our iPhones!) and why video is becoming such a hot-topic in the bridal industry! Bonus… we even got to practice our videography and play dress up in the store to make TikTok reels💅🏼 #AmIFamousYet !! Double bonus – this event was catered with the most delicious board by The Board Barcelona ( (ig: 🧀😍

Event IV: BAB & …. Shh!
It’s a secret – we haven’t announced this one yet, but stay tuned! We promise it will brie amazing (yes, we meant to say “brie”😉)