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Who is BAB and Why Do We Love Bridal?

Welcome to Bridal Avenue Barcelona (aka #BAB)! We’re so happy you’re here. No matter who you are or where you come from, you’re now a part of the BAB family🤍 In case you landed here by accident (but we’re totally glad you did), please let us introduce ourselves!

BAB is an haute-couture, designer bridal store, based in the heart of beautiful Barcelona! We offer one-of-a-kind wedding dresses designed by some of the world’s most high-end and industry-leading designers. Our mission is to ensure every bride feels her most confident, beautiful, and happiest throughout her entire bridal journey… From the “I will” all the way to the “I do” !👰🏽‍♀️ We are an appointment-only dress shopping experience, to ensure you (and your friends/family… Who are totally welcome to come too!) have our undivided attention and a truly special experience!

Okay, but now on to the good stuff.. Why do we love bridal so much? Well because… #bridalislife… like, seriously! 

We got into the business because bridal is an industry which stands the test of time, touches almost every person in the world, and lasts forever! 

Bridal is Timeless 
Wedding ceremonies have been around for centuries, and as long as love in the air, wedding dresses people will wear! 
Did you know: Although it is a common belief that wedding ceremonies have existed long before they started being recorded, the first wedding on record dates back to 2350 B.C…. that’s about 4,373 years ago! For context, that means that bridal is at least 4,357 years older than iPhones😉
We’re so excited to be a part of human history in such a timeless industry!

Bridal Has No Borders
Wedding ceremonies may look different around the world (don’t worry, we have a blog post coming on this too!) but they’re present in some way, shape, or form, everywhere! We love to work in an industry which is so borderless and gives us the opportunity to constantly learn and celebrate love with new people, from new backgrounds, in new ways!💜🧡💚

Bridal Lasts a Lifetime
Lastly, bridal doesn’t start with a proposal and end with a kiss… It lasts a lifetime!💍 Whether you’re a little girl daydreaming about her wedding day, the maid of honour when your best friend says “I do”, a father giving away his daughter, or a couple renewing your vows at your 50th anniversary… Weddings and bridal are an integral piece of everyone’s lives, and we’re excited to share that with you!

Welcome to BAB!✨ xoxo