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Love & Chocolates: Valentine’s Day

Listen up ladies, because we have some seriously fabulous news to share with you! Remember not too long ago when the Roman Empire was all the rage and absolutely flooding your TikTok feed? And all of us women were left out here absolutely speechless by the amount of time the men in our lives spend thinking about the Roman Empire… Well here’s the good news… That means that all of the men in our lives must have fantastic surprises (that they’ve been thinking about 24/7 non-stop for the last year) planned for us this Valentine’s Day, because the day of love actually has its roots in—you guessed it—the Roman Empire!

There are a ton of different tales into how the day came to be, but all that truly matters is that it’s all about celebrating the beauty of love❤️ Whether you celebrate Valentines with your romantic partner, Galentines with your girlfriends, or Palentines with your besties… The secret is just that you tell all those special someone’s in your life how much you adore them and how much better your life is with them in it! (Awhhhh, cue the tears!!) 🥹

Here are three amazing ideas to show the people in your life some extra love this February 14th!

The Long Distance Love 
Long distance relationships are tough, right? Especially when you don’t get to be a part of your loved one’s day-to-day… Often, that means missing the “smaller” or more day-to-day celebrations (like Valentine’s Day) because you’re saving the travel time for a bigger occasion (like Christmas or extended summer vacations). But distance shouldn’t stop you! Just because you can’t be together #irl doesn’t mean you can’t make that person feel cherished! 

Hop onto Uber Eats or their local delivery app to see if you can send a sweet treat or a bouquet of flowers their way! Unsure of their address? Slide into the DM’s of a friend/boyfriend/family-member over to try and get it while keeping the element of surprise intact! 

Side Story… I’m from Toronto but have been living in Barcelona for almost two years… For my birthday, my best friend in Canada messaged my best friend in Spain to get my address even though neither of them had ever met! She got it and sent me cava & cupcakes! It turned out to be the best birthday surprise ever (and I was totally shocked!) plus it was so special knowing that two of my favorite people on the planet had pulled it off together💘

Cutest bday bestie surprise!

The Little Things That Count
Hollywood and rom-com’s can sometimes make it seem like extravagant, picture-perfect, and totally unrealistic for a Wednesday evening, types of dates are the only way to make it through the day! That’s a lot of pressure!! Our best piece of advice: Don’t let it get to you! 

I am 99.99999% sure that your boyfriend / girlfriend / bestfriend / dog / cat (yes, you can celebrate with them too) will still love you even if your evening doesn’t end riding white horses into the sunset😉 If you’re not the over-the-top type, just keep it simple and meaningful! 

  • Love Notes: Try leaving little love notes for them to find throughout the day telling them what you love about them, or why they’re so important to you! Leave them in places they’re sure to check, like their bathroom mirror in the morning, inside their laptop for work, and on top of their pillow when they get home!
  • Small But Thoughtful Gifts: Gifts don’t always have to break the bank, there are plenty of amazing gifts that won’t be too over the top! Their favorite candies/treats, a printed photo of you two, personal care items like face masks, bath bombs, or body scrubs, candles, books, or a “coupon” for “one free massage” from you🧖‍♀️
  • Quality Time: Don’t underestimate the power of quality time! Try suggesting you two just spend some good, uninterrupted, intentional time together that day! Doing anything that encourages you to enjoy and appreciate each other’s company: going for a walk, playing a game, starting a puzzle, planning your next getaway, or cooking a new recipe! 

Follow Your Heart
Life is short! Too short to be scared of telling people how much they mean to you! Follow your heart, whether it’s an old friend, a new flame, or that amazing barista who gets your latte order perfect every morning, tell them how special they are and how much you adore them! You never know what your words could mean to them, you might just make their day! 

So, this Valentines Day, let’s get out there, spread the love, and make Cupid proud! (… Do you think Cupid was a part of the Roman Empire!?)
Happy Love Day!❤️

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