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Inside Scoop – New York Bridal Fashion Week

Remember when you were a kid, and you always wished Christmas or the holiday season would happen more than just once a year… like, why wouldn’t everyone want to be full of joy and excitement, MORE!? Well… that’s the good news about growing up… If you get into bridal, you basically do get the holidays more than once per year… except now, you call it “New York Bridal Fashion Week”. 👗👠🎀

What is #NYBFW?
New York Bridal Fashion Week, #NYBFW is a spectacular event which happens not once, but twice, per year! For one week in both April and October, the global bridal community gathers in New York City to showcase new creations. Designer brands, stores and buyers, brides, influencers, media, etc., partake in a variety of fashion shows, private parties, mass presentations, and intimate events, where new designs, styles, collections, and trends are released. 

How Do the Seasons Work?
As with many industries, bridal professionals are always thinking ahead. That means that in April, the collections which are launched at NYBFW are the collections which you will likely be seeing on brides the following summer. So, this year, at the uber-exciting, we-can’t-wait-to-attend, October NYBFW (happening from October 11-13, 2023) the collections which are released are the ones you can expect to see your friends (or you💍) wearing in fall/winter 2024. 

The year-long process is because NYBFW gives stores and buyers the opportunity to view collections from the new designers. Throughout the event, the stores and buyers will select specific pieces which they think are most likely to fit the style of their store and typical brides. Some designers will even allow stores and buyers to make suggested modifications, to better serve the needs of their brides (e.g., higher necklines, off-white or blush toned fabrics, etc.). Once they’ve made these selections, the designers will be back to work, perfectly creating the sample dresses for each of their stores. Once the dresses are finished, which can take up to six months given the exceptional care and attention to detail each dress receives, the stores will receive their dresses and have them available for brides. As brides visit the store and fall in love with the collection, they will place their orders which will go back to the designer and their team, and their dress will be made-to-order. Again, considering the care and attention to detail, this will also take up to six months! Finally, the bride will receive her dream dress and look absolutely stunning in all the photos she and her friends post on #insta! And that’s how you see it!

So, now that we have you absolutely dying to see the new collections, it’s important that we let you know… YES! BAB will absolutely be at NYBFW! Our Founder, David, has been attending global bridal fashion shows for years and has built fantastic relationships across the industry. He is always one of the first to have access to the newest collections, and sure to make-sure that BAB will have designs you’ll love, in our stores! Following along on our insta (@bridalavenuebarcelona) during NYBFW this year, for a behind the scenes look at all the excitement!✨

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