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Event Recap: BAB & The Board Barcelona

We know this is “cheesy”, but we might “brie” like totally obsessed with our “gouda” friends at The Board Barcelona. (Okay, we promise, that’s all the cheese puns!)… But seriously, their charcuterie boards are beautiful and delicious, la charcutería bonita y deliciosas 🧀😍

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of hosting a fantastic event with The Board Barcelona (ig: Similar to our other events, we invited some of our favorite people, including wedding planners, photographers, brides-to-be, barcelona influencers, models, writers, and pretty much any one else involved in the European bridal industry, to our store for a fantastic evening of food, laughs, and (of course) cava!🍾✨This event was extra special to us, because we were also joined by tons of other people from the Barcelona community who wanted to spend the evening learning and laughing with us! Thank you to all of our new friends who came out to meet us!

The Board Barcelona was our gracious guest of honor. They hosted an amazing session with us, walking us through all the tips and tricks of creating a beautiful charcuteria that will leave your friends speechless! We learned about the importance of considering lots of colors and textures when selecting your cheeses, how to make a charcuterie flower (some of us were better at this than others, admittedly😉), and one of the best-kept secrets to making any board beautiful… don’t forget to garnish! Then, our guests got the chance to make their own beautiful boards together! We spent the rest of the evening networking, meeting new friends, and enjoying the delicious works of art! You can catch some of the highlights in our TikTok video recap, here!

The Board Barcelona believes that food brings people together… and we couldn’t agree more! They offer a range of products and catering services for every occasion, from small gatherings to large events. They use an assortment of local and regional products, from the highest quality cheese and charcuterie to fresh seasonal produce and gourmet garnishes. If you’re looking for a fabulous foodie-experience at your engagement party, bachelorette party, or wedding reception in Barcelona, we promise that working with them will be an amazing experience you won’t forget!🤍👰🏻‍♀️